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Improve your home office ergonomics and eliminate neck and back pain with the eX-Table!

✅   360 degree adjustable legs so you can quickly set this folding desk to any height, orientation and angle, which means you can use the desk in multiple different ways, such as a monitor stand, a laptop stand, a standing desk, for work on the couch, or even movies in bed.

✅   Aluminum construction for strength and lightweight durability, which means it will last the test of time but still be light enough to easily fold into different shapes and carry around the house.

✅   Table is ready to go out of the box, which means no screws no need to spend 3 hours of your day putting together another complicated piece of furniture.

✅   Removable mouse pad so you can use your wireless mouse with the eX-Table, which means increased productivity and better ergonomics.

Why Do I Need This?

It is no secret that poor posture has a negative effect on long term health. If you sit in front of a screen all day with your head down, chances are you suffer from slouching and poor posture.

When poor posture is not corrected it will slowly lead to more problems, such as: Stiff Neck, Back Pain, Muscle Fatigue, Headaches, and Lack of Focus.

How To Set Up The eX-Table

The eX-Table is highly adjustable and can be set up in a variety of different ways. Each leg has 3 separate leg segments that can be rotated in 360 degrees and snapped into place at 15 degree intervals. Here is one way you can set up the eX-Table for use on your desk:

How Will The eX-Table Help My Posture?

The eX-Table is designed to correct your posture while you work. It can be used to:

✅   Raise your laptop to eye-level

laptop stand

✅   Raise your laptop to eye-level with an external keyboard

adjustable laptop stand

✅   Use as a standing desk

adjustable ergonomic portable aluminum laptop desk

✅   Use as a standing desk with your keyboard and mouse

lap desk

✅   Use on the couch

laptop table for couch

✅   Use in bed

laptop table bed


    Feel The Difference Within 2 Weeks

    By raising your screen to eye-level, or spending an hour per day standing while you work can have a profound impact on your posture and neck/back health. Start using the eX-Table today to improve your home office ergonomics and feel the difference in just 2 weeks!

    See What Others Are Saying

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    “Very practical, good size and good material, highly recommended, thank you very much.”

    - CO


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    “My fiancee loves it”

    - DK


    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    “Great table. It is convenient to watch movies.”

    - SA

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Excellent table, comfortable and easy.

    - ON


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: Will the table work for someone my height?

    Answer: The eX-Table can adjust to any height, up to a maximum of 18” (46cm). Placed on typical 30" (76 cm) high table the eX-Table will raise your laptop or keyboard to a maximum of 48” (122 cm). This will be suitable for anyone up to a height of about 6’3” (191cm).


    Question: What is the weight capacity of the eX-Table?

    Answer: The weight of an average laptop is about 5 lb (2.3 kg). The maximum weight capacity we recommend you place on your eX-Table is 10 lb (4.5 kg), which should be enough for nearly every laptop.


    Question: Why an eX-Table?

    Answer: This adjustable laptop table can fold up, fold out, or fold down, so it offers tremendous versatility and is a great choice to improve your home office work station. Its greatest feature is its wide range of adjustability, allowing you to fold it out and it to raise your laptop while seated to eye-level height. Or turn your regular tabletop into a standing work station when you want to stretch your legs. Or even use your laptop on the couch, sofa or in bed when you want to work in comfort. This kind of versatility and value cannot be found anywhere else


    Question: Will the eX-Table be sturdy as a conventional stand-up desk?

    Answer: One of the eX-Table's great features is the ability fold it up to use it as a stand-up desk by laying it on top of your normal desk in an extended position. It is designed for this usage and provides a stable surface, sturdy enough so that your laptop will not fall with use. However, keep in mind it will not be as sturdy as a large solid stand-up desk, and some wobble is unavoidable with these smaller desk units. Some customers find that placing a heavy book on the bottom legs can help if the wobbling bothers you. Or you can also use the table in a lower height position to increase stability. But again, most customers do not have an issue with the table in terms of wobble.


    Question: How much storage space do I need? Can it fit in my drawers?

    Answer: This fold away desk can fold down to 10"(25cm) x 21"(53cm) x 1.5"(4cm). This makes it very compact to store and great if you have a small space. If you have a large desk it may be able to fit in your drawer. Or you can also store it under your bookshelf, work table, or inside a bench.


    Question: Can I use this table to study and read in bed or on the sofa?

    Answer: The eX-Table makes for the perfect foldable study table for reading books in bed, or holding your books up as you read them from your desk. You can also take this folding study table with you as you travel for reading in the car.


    Question: What is shipping cost?

    Answer: We offer Free Standard Shipping on all orders! You can also upgrade your order to Express Shipping during checkout (available to select countries only).